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We take pride in providing the a great environment for your children. This is an environment in which your children can grow and learn while parents feel good about the care their precious children are receiving. Below are a few of the notes that parents have lefts us and made us feel good about the job we are doing.

Something Extra Day Care is exactly that, SOMETHING EXTRA. They have provided my daughter with a world of confidence and knowledge.......After meeting the staff and seeing the facility, I knew this was the perfect place for my two girls.
-Salise Boggs, parent of Infant and 2 year old - Click here to read the full message

When it came time for my youngest daughter to attend preschool I did not hesitate to check in with Something Extra. Imagine my shock at seeing the very same teachers still at Something Extra six years later. My youngest daughter has the same three year old teacher my oldest had. Now that my youngest girl is ready for kindergarten my son will go on to continue to finish the line. We have been involved with Something Extra for over nine years. I do not know of a better place.
- Kristy Schreader - click here to read the full message

Parents of two children that had been with us from age 2 through Pre-K writes a wonderful message as their children grow up and it's time to leave Something Extra for Kindergarten in a private school.
- The Baca Family - click here to read the full message

It is clear that the teachers truly enjoy working with each and every child that is at the center and somehow they always manage to make us feel that our daughter is very special to them.
- Samara Bathe - click here to read the full message

Thank you. thanks you for being great teachers and examples to my son.
- Heather Michaelson - click here to read the full message

Thank you all so much for the great careyou have given my son over the past 5 years!
- Holly & Kevin Rogers - click here to read the full message

I can't even begin to describe how thankful I am...
- Sara - click here to read the full message

We want to thank you for everything you've done for our boys.
- Jennifer & Lloyd Robinson - click here to read the full message

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