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Testimonial - Involved with Something Extra for over nine years

I would recommend any friend or family member to entrust their child at your center. Thanks you to all the staff (Jamie, Stacey, Angle, Jennifer, Mary and Donna) at Something Extra Preschool for everything you do while we working parents are working. We know that our children are safe, sound most of all loved by everyone of you marvelous Ladies.

I remember my oldest used to cry when I left her at the daycare provider prior to Something Extra, we used to have to bribe her with food. Knowing of this challenge, Miss Donna waited for my daughter to make the first move, swept her up, and told me I had nothing to worry about. She did not cry that day and began playing and interacting with Ms Donna. Imagine my surprise when I got off work early to pick her up and she cried because she did not want to leave the school. My oldest stayed until she went to kindergarten.

When it came time for my youngest daughter to attend preschool I did not hesitate to check in with Something Extra. Imagine my shock at seeing the very same teachers still at Something Extra six years later. My youngest daughter has the same three year old teacher my oldest had. Now that my youngest girl is ready for kindergarten my son will go on to continue to finish the line. We have been involved with Something Extra for over nine years. I do not know of a better place.

The staff at Something Extra really do give Something Extra. They are ready with hugs, compliments as well as firm guidelines for behavior. The curriculum is always developmentally appropriate, teaching new skills and strengthening the fine and gross motor skills they are working at perfecting during these preschool years. The changes I saw in my daughters were wonderful. I did not have to do any extra work to make sure they were ready for kindergarten. Any time I have had a concern it has been a minor one and Jamie has quickly addressed it. They treat all of their students as if they were family parents as well. Anytime someone has asked me about daycare or-preschool I have never hesitated to send them to Something Extra.

- Kristy Schreader

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